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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Know...

It's been a while. I'll tell you the TRUTH...
I was abducted by aliens, broke my leg....and then my toe. I have been working 15 hour days and going to night school AND my dog ate my homework.'s springtime and that's the truth.
(Although I have been going to school...and I had jury duty...more on that later)

Not much has happened anyway...
  • Gas is up
  • Bush's popularity is down
  • Gators continue eating people in Florida
  • Democrats continue to try to eat Cheney
  • People still going missing from cruise ships
  • Patrick Kennedy gets a pat on the back for being a druggie/drunk (big surprise)
  • Even though the MAJORITY of Americans say they aren't worried about the governments wire-taps, Democrats continue to make horse's asses of themselves over it.
  • Hillary Clinton slammed America's youth, labeling them lazy, forgetting she had offspring in that category and then apologized to her daughter - but not to the rest of the hardworking young people in this country. Way to rule out votes, Hillary.
  • It's raining in New England. Hey! Where's Pat Robertson to tell us why?
  • People are more uptight about the Da Vinci Code than they are about the religion of hate that really is infiltrating our country.

That's about all I have patience for right now. But I'll be back within a couple of days to elaborate on a few of these points and some other rants I've been brewing.


  • At 3:17 PM, July 02, 2006, Blogger MegLogan said…

    Yet another wonderful point.

    "People are more uptight about the Ca Vinci Code than they are about the religion of hate taht really is infiltrating our country."

    If only Christians would make this much commotion about Islam and what is happening in the Gaza Strip and Isreal in general!


    Meg Logan


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