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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Little Common Sense Goes a Long Way

My neighbor has a tree which sits on the property line next to my driveway. The tree is an enormous pine that stands taller than both our homes - both are three stories. I am currently in a literal battle with my neighbors due to problems created by this menacing tree. Damage to the driveway and sidewalk has occurred due to significant physical growth in the tree roots causing uplift and differential movement of the concrete by approximately 9 (nine) inches. A significant trip and fall hazard has resulted. I am no longer able to drive into my driveway without navigating around the damaged area and into my lawn, which has subsequently damaged the lawn and stunted the growth of grass. The undercarriage of my vehicle makes contact both in the front and the back of the car if I attempt to drive along the normal path of the driveway. Attempts to patch the damaged areas have been insufficient in creating a smooth transition into the driveway.

The invading roots of this tree are also encroaching on the foundation of my home. Visible roots (above ground) can be seen within 4 feet of the foundation of my home. I am unable to ascertain whether the roots have reached my foundation and begun to cause structural damage without excavating the lawn, however, the roots extend several yards across the front lawn, which draws the conclusion that the foundation may already be compromised due to root growth.

Storm drainage pipes beneath the sidewalk have been crushed and no longer carry water away from my home, causing storm water to back-up into the basement of my home.

Roots above ground interfere with usual and customary landscaping, making it impossible to mow the area without lifting the mower around the roots to avoid damage to my mowing equipment. These roots also create a trip and fall hazard in the lawn.

The branches of the tree extend across the driveway and have, on numerous occasions, made contact with my home. Repeated requests to trim the tree have resulted in very slight trimming which have only served to promote growth of the tree. Currently, the branches of this tree extend the entire width of my driveway and are within inches of coming in contact with my home. Branches extend low enough into the driveway so as to interfere with unobstructed passage to my garage. Over-growth of the branches currently interfere with electrical, television and telephone lines connected to my home.

I had one “real” conversation with the neighbors about the problems associated with the tree, which ended in them saying, “We’re not doing anything with the tree. It’s not damaging our property, so I guess you’ll just have to live with it.” Since then, if I so much as dare to glance at the tree when they are out in their lawn, the big-mouth, white trash wifey yells at me, “We’re NOT cutting it down!”

The municipality, in spite of their own “Shade Tree Ordinance”, which requires homeowners to get rid of trees that are causing damage within 10 days of their notice to the homeowner has refused to get involved, stating this is a civil matter.

So, here are the issues:

  • The tree is a big, beautiful, very old tree that creates shade and is aesthetically pleasing in my neighbor’s lawn. I’m not a tree hugger, but I definitely don’t agree with arbitrarily running around cutting down trees for no reason. And let’s face it – it’s not hurting them and it adds visual value to their property.
  • The same tree is going to cost me thousands of dollars to remedy all the damage it has done and potentially will continue to do, and…the bottom line is – IT’S NOT MY TREE!

Now, let’s see a show of hands from the people who would let the issue go…live with being unable to use their driveway…mow around the tree roots…put up with water in their basement…worrying every day that the roots were causing structural damage and reducing the value of the home? Come on – be honest – how many would just let the sleeping dog lie? How many people think I should just let the neighbor continue to encroach more and more on the property until I’m backed into a corner? I see no hands.

Ok – so what then is so difficult to understand about protecting the borders of the United States?

Illegal immigrants cost money – BIG money. Whose money? Mine and yours! You don’t think so? Who is paying for their kids to attend public schools? Not the parents – if they’re illegals they’re not paying taxes. Billions of dollars (that’s right – BILLIONS with a B) are spent on healthcare for illegal immigrants every year – while you and I are paying more and more and more for health insurance and out of pocket healthcare expenses – why? Because the money to cover it has to come from somewhere… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m not opposed to people who want to work and NOT live off the government coming into our country legally and making a better life for themselves – quite the contrary – I am all for that – so hang on to your ranting, raving e-mails. I’m a big proponent of the American dream. The bottom line, folks, is this…

Mexico needs to get it through their heads that MEXICO IS NOT AMERICA! It’s NOT o.k. for them to sneak across our borders and live off tax paying citizens. It’s NOT o.k. for them to put their children in our schools and expect us to foot the bill. It’s NOT o.k. for them to illegally enter the U.S. and receive free healthcare that really isn’t free at all because WE, the LEGAL citizens of this country, are paying for it.

It’s NOT o.k. It’s not our fault that the government of Mexico has failed to take care of their own. It’s not a reasonable expectation to think the U.S. should allow Mexico to continue to encroach further and further across our border without doing anything to stop the excessive bleeding of money…hand over fist…to people who do not have the same rights as legal citizens.

Just today, in the ballsiest statement I have seen in a long time, Mexican authorities promised to sue the U.S. if the National Guard interferes with illegal immigrants crossing the border.

Not making this up….

So, how exactly does that work? Let’s break it down to the very elementary analogy I used before…

My solution to the “tree thing” is that I have contracted an excavator to come in, dig up my driveway and lawn, cut out all of the tree roots – right up to the property line and then re-pave the driveway. If the tree dies – so be it. It’s not my problem. It's not my tree. It's not my responsibility. It is an unreasonable expection that I should foot the bill because my neighbors have something they like having at my expense. It's time to stop the bleeding. Any hands on whether or not the neighbors should have the right to sue me over it?

Yeah… I didn’t think so.


  • At 3:14 PM, July 02, 2006, Blogger MegLogan said…

    Nice twister! You had me all into the tree, then Whammo! we're talking Illegal Immigration.

    Very nice.

    Im totally in agreement on both counts.

    I hope that tree doesnt die though, cause Im sure it is beautiful. (i have like 2 trees on my whole 2 acres! so Im a bit lonely for trees)

    Meg Logan


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