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Monday, May 28, 2007

Oh C'Mon!

Ok - lemme get this straight….

We have to put up with museums, public school curriculum, television, radio, books and crackpots whose theories slap the face of every Christian in this country - but let someone open a Creationism Museum and there are
fruit loops standing outside on opening day - picketing the visitors because they believe it ignores science...per Comcast News.

If you're going to be in Kentucky (or Cincinnati), support this place!

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In other nonsense....err news...


On April 21st, during a trip to Memphis, I predicted that the fat pig #2, Rosie O'Donnell was becoming such a liability to Barbara Walters that she would have to get her off that stupid show, The View. Less than a week later - she announced she would be leaving (of her own accord...yeah, right!). Then she kept running her flap and couldn't keep the job until her planned mid-June departure date.
Not that any of you actually KNEW I predicted it - and Lisa is the only one who can verify it - but I did. So, this is my "told-ya-so" on that subject. I don't get to say it often, so I'm taking advantage of this one. get fat pig #1, Michael Moore, to mysteriously disappear....hmmmm......


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