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Monday, August 15, 2005

Top 9 New Cindy Sheehan Demands

Thank you for this hilarious post - just had to share it with my conservative friends! hehe

Top 9 New Cindy Sheehan Demands

Even as Cindy Sheehan continues her vigil outside of President Bush's Crawford ranch, she has released a list of new demands that she expects to have met by weeks end. The list includes a call for President Bush's impeachment and the withdrawal of all Israeli forces from Palestine.

No word yet as to whether she would like the President to be impeached before or after Israel's departure. Nor did she mention whether or not she will be providing ongoing security for the Israeli's once they have been militarily neutered.

TNOYF's Senior Grief-mongering Correspondent was able to obtain a copy of the rest of Ms. Sheehan's requests.

We present:

Top 9 New Cindy Sheehan Demands

9. Force Coca Cola to revert to the New Coke recipe again. No wait, I like the old Coke better. Oh darn, I keep changing my mind. I'm such a goose!

8. Right of Return to San Francisco for mid-western hippies.

7. Stop that mean old coyote from chasing that nice road runner.

6. Have Francis Ford Coppola remake The Godfather III. Without his lame-ass daughter in it.

5. Creative control over the new Casey Sheehan mini-series I'm writing for the Lifetime Network.

4. $25 million dollars in untraceable Deutsch marks.

3. Lifetime supply of Jew-Be-Gone for my new friend David Duke.

2. Make hot dog and bun makers put in the same amount of product per package.

1. 75-25 split on all Casey merchandising.


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