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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Does He Ever Shut Up?

Pat Robertson is at it again with another radical statement implying he knows what God is going to do next. The Dover, Pennsylvania citizens have voted out all standing members of their school board - remember these were the folks who were in favor of introducing ID into the science curriculum.

In a recent statement, Robertson told the people of Dover, Pennsylvania not to call on God when the "problems begin" because He may not be there to help them, since they've rejected Him by voting out the school board.

Robertson needs to get a clue and start acting like a Pastor instead of the moron that he is. If what he implies is true - then everything we know about Christianity and the entire New Testament is false. Jesus broke bread with the heathen and let a hooker wash his feet. He doesn't turn His back on those who reject Him.

And just so we're clear...
  • Do I believe in ID? Of course I do (although I prefer to call it Creationism).
  • Do I believe that our kids have a right to hear both sides in the classroom? Yes, I do.
  • Is it imperative that my children hear it in school? No, because they learn it at home.
  • Is it the school's job to teach my children where they came from? No.
  • Am I aggravated whenever I hear someone say that introducing ID into the public classroom takes the science out of science class? Yes - because it's just another ploy by the liberal left/anti-Christianity/anti-family idiots to say that it's their way or no way.

But what's worse than any of the above - is that Robertson claims to represent a vengeful, menacing God who is full of wrath and he calls it Christianity.

That's just not the God I serve.

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