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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Shut Up & Sing

It’s no secret that I think celebrities who are not politicians need to keep their mouths shut in public – at least to the degree of being respectful to the government and the fans that have made them wealthy enough to use their celebrity as a soap box.

There are far too many stupid people in this country who lack the ability to make decisions for themselves. The last thing they or any of us need is a half-witted, high school drop-out, musicians or actors who mistake their popularity for confirmation that they have a brain and should be advising people on politics, religion, psychology, etc.

The Tom Cruises, Charlie Sheens and Dixie Chicks of this world add about as much value toward the common sense of Americans as Sponge Bob Square Pants, but nevertheless, they’re still talking.

Amazingly, the Dixie Chicks haven’t learned their lesson, in spite of loss of fans, listenership and the death threats they received after bad-mouthing the President outside of American soil. Recently, Natalie Maines, the ever-so-dignified lead singer of the group, has retracted her apology to the President when she told Time Magazine,

"I apologized for disrespecting the office of the president," says Maines. "But I don't feel that way anymore. I don't feel he is owed any respect whatsoever."

Many radio stations continue to ban the Chicks’ music based on the original offense, so this, coupled with their most recent album which is chock full of insults to the current administration as well as their former fans who took offense to their disrespect is nothing short of thumbing their noses at America.

Martie Maguire, one of the other brainless chicks, implies that they really don’t care whether people listen to their music or not. Referring to the first single released from their album, “Not Ready To Make Nice”, she told Time Magazine,

"I guess if we really cared, we wouldn't have released that single first."

Interestingly, though, the radio stations that helped make them famous, along with their fans, evidently DO care. One radio programmer told Time Magazine,

“It is a four-minute f--- you to the format and our listeners. I like the Chicks, and I won't play it."

Hey girls – balls does not = brains.

Personally, I’ll be happy to escort them to the door, which is where their careers are headed. It really is a shame that they aren’t bright enough to recognize that singing songs about being pissed off at the people who are still pissed off at them (and who you need to support your bank account) wasn’t a very smart idea. But you know what I always say…”You can take the girls out of the trailer park…”


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