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Monday, October 23, 2006

I know you are but what am I?

I woke up this morning feeling like a bear with a sore ass and proceeded into my day, managing to piss off or be pissed off by everyone I came into contact with. After coming home and reading the news, I thought, "hey! what the heck! I'll just share this vile mood I'm in with all my blog buddies". So - here you go....

Hillary Clinton is an ugly woman - both inside and out. She was an ugly child, an even uglier young adult and in spite of the obvious cosmetic surgery she has undergone, she is still an incredibly ugly woman. She married an ugly man and the two of them procreated a homely little girl who has grown up to be a combination of and equally as ugly as her parents. They're ugly. Any objections? Anyone hearing this for the first time? Anyone reading this in braille and didn't know the Clintons were ugly? Yeah, I didn't think so.

So, if U.S. Senate Candidate, John Spencer, made the observation that this woman is ugly (and I'm not at all convinced the whole thing wasn't made up) - he's......what?? Telling the truth??? OH MY GOD! Call out the firing squad and have him for dinner!! He called the friggin' kettle black!!!!!

Here's the snuff, folks (especially those of you who live in New York....listen up!)...Hillary Clinton is a liar. She's been lying for her husband since before they were married. She has lied to the government, the citizens of this country and innumerable other countries. She's a thief, a vandal and a liar. If you're smart (and I'm really not so sure about those who voted for her in New York, but hey - we'll give you one lapse in judgment), you'll go with Honest John this time and take his "comments" for what they are - the TRUTH. Without honesty, you have nothing...nada....nil.....

Bravo! John Spencer. Next time call her fat, too - maybe she'll cry.


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