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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Of The Immoral Majority


I had the very distasteful experience recently of attempting to have a political debate with some liberals. I made the mistake of opening my mouth in the “talk back” section of the Lancaster Newspaper online, regarding Cindy Sheehan. I couldn’t help myself. The conversation had become so hilariously one-sided that I felt someone with a grain of intelligence from the right needed to chime in.

Interestingly, some of the “regulars” began to stalk me like rottweilers. Seriously, I had a couple of conversations going on in a couple of different forums and there were a few irrational lefties who followed me from thread to thread to verbally batter me for having the nerve to support President Bush. It didn’t seem to matter what I posted – they managed to spin things, twist my words and drag me back into what was more of an “argument” than a “debate”.

At first it was fun – after all, it’s always fun to antagonize a democrat. However, after a couple of days of the verbal assaults on my intelligence, the intelligence of all Republicans and actual name-calling, I began to tire of it. Talking to a radical lefty is like talking to my former brother-in-law who believed every conspiracy theory he had ever heard and would defend them with off-the-wall “logic” that always left me either scratching my head in disbelief or wanting to bitch-slap him until his legs grew together.

There was, of course, an “icing on the cake” moment, which I am going to share here. If anyone has actually heard someone else say this (outside of the Lancaster Online forums) please do leave a comment and let me know, because I was so incredibly flabbergasted I couldn’t even respond. I actually gave up and told them I wouldn’t be back – which is unlike me – even when I’m frustrated. I would normally see a conversation through to an end, even if the “end” was to agree to disagree, but this post was so incredibly STUPID, I couldn’t really bring myself to qualify it. Of course, I told them it was stupid – couldn’t leave without that.

Here you go…posted by what I assume to be a man (if he were a real man he would be a Republican) with the screen name “Hammer”. By the way – I have not edited his horrible grammar and typos – mine are bad enough, but “spell check” was going crazy on this one. It’s a much better read when you can see how nearly illiterate the person is:

Why don`t W let Saddam out of jail,let him take charge of his people again and get them under control. We aren`t going to get things peaceful there.Saddam was a mad man but he had control of his people.Lets pull out,quitely,and let Iraq be what it was before we got there.An oil producing nation,run by a man who talked better weapons then he had.He was never a threat to us.We are in a war we can`t win.Oh that`s right,we won it 12 days after it started.Georgie told us that way back then,right? Or,we should drain all the oil they have out of the ground,pull our troops,and nuke them.Yeah,That`ll end it huh? But,wait a second,W says Iran is making WMD`s now too.Alright,guess we gotta nuke them too. And N.Korea,and China,Hell,the Canadians and the Mexicans are starting to back talk us now too.Nuke them all,let god sort them out.

Him,George W Bush and his cronies flat out lied to get the ok to attack Saddam.W got us into a war that`s costing 1000`s of lives and billions of dollars.It`s wrecking our economy and dragging our world standing to lows that have never been reached before.I know,I know,Bill got head in the oval office but I think this war is just a tad more offensive than that. How you people,after all the facts,mistakes,lies,deaths and destruction brought on by this puppet of a leader can still stick up for him is beyond me.

I think I sat at my computer and re-read that post for about ten minutes before I could feel my fingers again. My simple response:

Just when I think this forum has reached to the greatest depths of stupidity...someone else comes along to show me that stupid abounds in every corn field in Lancaster County.

1000's dead? How about hundreds of thousands tortured and killed?

Let's give Saddam back Iraq. Tell that to the people whose families were tortured in front of fact, there are a few living right here in Lancaster County. I met a family about 6 months ago who fled Iraq just before the D.S. war - they made it out (a nice married couple) but every other living relative either of them had were tortured and killed at the hands of Saddam. Tell them you think he did a better job. They got to vote for the very first time and they were so overjoyed that they wouldn't wash the ink off their fingers.

I give up. If I have to explain to one more liberal that freedom isn't just for YOU - I'm going to puke.

**my screen name** has left the search of intelligent life.

I’m thinking about opening a “Republican Only” coffee shop. Of course I can’t actually call it that. The ACLU would close me down. I’ll just post a photograph of Ronald Reagan over the door. For those who are too stupid to realize it’s not Frank Sinatra, the photo will be just above a sign bearing the following:


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