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Friday, January 13, 2006

He apologizes...AGAIN

Pat Robertson, the king of foot-in-mouth disease, has apologized to Prime Minister Sharon’s family for the insensitive remarks he made, implying that Sharon had a stroke coming to him for dissecting Israeli land. When is he going to realize that just because he’s old, rich and people send him money, he can’t go around rebuking, threatening assassination, preaching doom and despair and “speaking on God’s behalf”.

As JYB points out – the apology was driven by his love of money and his plans for a “Jesusland” of sorts, to be built in Israel. Funny how money speaks to him, but the love of God doesn’t.

Thanks to Brian Preston for the heads up on this.


  • At 11:53 AM, January 13, 2006, Blogger Neo-Con Tastic said…

    Jesus Land! Is it gonna be like Euro-Disney? Or Dolly-ville? I can't wait.

  • At 3:15 PM, January 13, 2006, Anonymous Funnelcake_fiend said…

    As long as they have funnel cake ... mmmmmmm, deep-fried cakey deliciousness!

  • At 11:46 PM, January 13, 2006, Anonymous Marc Richardson said…

    Don't they already have a theme park like that in Alabama? I read something about it on somebody's blog. It's called like Visionland or something.

    I bet they have funnelcake there...after all, it is the South.


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