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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Bipartisan Committee...Possibly Impossible

A bipartisan committee, by definition, is a good thing. Two sides coming together to make decisions that are in the best interest of everyone involved. Many an important decision has been made by bipartisan committees and there will always be decisions that should only ever be made by bipartisan decision.

The problem with our President’s suggestion last night for a bipartisan committee to work on Social Security reform is that in order to come to a decision, you have to find participants who are willing to work together for the good of everyone involved.

I, for one, do not believe this is possible given the current condition of our nation. I believe we are involved in a civil war that we won’t see an end to until the liberals of this era develop a love for their country that exceeds their hatred toward conservatives. Do I believe it will happen? Absolutely not. Not regarding Social Security reform. Not regarding the War on Terror. Not regarding healthcare reform. Not today. Not as things are.

We, as a nation, have deteriorated to such a state of division that it may never be possible to achieve a bipartisan decision again.

How did we get here?

The answer lies within members of a democratic party who have seemingly abandoned any real agenda in exchange for an obsession to destroy anything conservative. Their hatred is as real as any and appears to be without prejudice – with one exception…

Enter the poster child for their obsession.

George W. Bush.

When Bush won the first election, liberals became like the x-husband who becomes obsessed with the man who marries the love of his life. They felt robbed. They truly believed they were better (which truly amazes me given their choice of candidates). He was living their life. From that moment on, politics had a new face. It was no longer about managing a nation. Their obsession was now about pay-backs…refusal to acknowledge the President’s position… and hatred.

Then…when things looked as though they couldn’t get any worse – he did it again. He beat the democrats at their own game and held on to the position they were refusing to acknowledge as long as he held it.

This is way beyond a Republican/Democrat thing. This is beyond competition or opposing views. It’s about an obsession that skews the holder’s ability to reason, use common sense or exhibit even the most reasonable degree of respect for the object.

George W. Bush can’t do anything right. His ideas are ridiculous. His views are absurd. His tactics are completely unacceptable and his supporters are second rate citizens. This is the code of the liberal. No matter how ridiculous and absurd it is to stand by their code, they continue to do so in spite of how disturbed it makes them appear.

There was a day when both sides put their differences aside to show respect where it was due for the Presidential State of the Union Address. Last night democrats heckled the president when he mentioned his proposed Social Security measures and, true to form, Hillary Clinton showed us all how ugly she was when she repeatedly disrespected the President as he spoke of the security of our nation.

Find a bipartisan committee?

Perhaps we should start with something easier…

The Loch Ness Monster? Big Foot?


  • At 8:35 AM, February 03, 2006, Blogger Neo-Con Tastic said…

    I totally agree. The democrats have given up on being reasonable and have completely drawn a party line. They refuse to consider anything that the republicans present. It's asinine, repulsive, and absurd.

    I hope it'll change but I don't know how. I only think it'll get worse.

  • At 4:18 PM, February 05, 2006, Blogger wayne Garcia said…

    George Bush was reelected by the fear factor and no other reason. He didn't beat anybody at their own game. Some Americans actually believed that he could protect them from terrorism. If he would have gone up against Bill Clinton he never would have won. One of his campaign promises in the 2000 election was to find alternate forms of energy he's finally getting around to it in 2006. Our national debt is so high that the great grand children of this nation will be paying it if we're around that long. He's infringing on our civil liberties using the excuse that we're at war, I don't know about you mom but I'd rather live with terrorism and keep my liberties than live with terrorism and not have them. I guess you right wingers who agree with his reasoning in this arena of stupidity are just cowards. And social security reform? The majority of americans don't want it Bush style, but then, you don't care about the majority because you know what's best, don't you? Iraq was on the hit list at the beginning of his adminstration he just needed an excuse and 9/11 gave it to him. When that didn't pan out it was down the WMD road and now it's for a model democracy in the middleast. Are we there yet? No we're not and we never will be. This insanity will go on as long as haliburton(which our vice prsident owns over 400,000 shares) can make money, as long as the Bush family, pappy and Georges brother keep making millions in oil deals and the oil companies can keep posting record profits.


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