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Monday, February 06, 2006

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty

I have never been able to comprehend the thought process of those who cannot connect the dots between our freedom and the freedom of other nations. We’ve all heard the complaints, in fact, there have been plenty of them vented right here on this site – I like to call them nasty-grams…

“It’s not right for George Bush to push his ideals on other countries who don’t even want to be liberated” and,
“Iraq was never a threat to us” and,
(believe it or not!) “We should just give Iraq back to Saddam, at least he kept order there” (yes, someone actually posted that comment!)

Is it so hard to understand that those who seek to dominate the weak are a threat to us as well? It seems pretty clear that the “let’s just mind our own business” strategy didn’t work. 9/11 was proof positive that those who seek to dominate the weak, are also interested in dominating the strong – particularly when the strong goes to sleep and exposes their belly.

Is it really so difficult to comprehend that being the world’s superpower comes with responsibilities and challenges that demand a vigilance not required of other nations?

Does it really take a rocket scientist to recognize that investing in the liberty of other nations is not about trying to be our brother’s keeper, but about eliminating our brother’s oppressor, who also seeks to oppress us?

We can talk all day long about whether or not George W. Bush has accomplished the goals he set. He is not unlike any other past president – he has accomplished some…but certainly not all of what he outlined when he was elected. And don’t make me name names – this is just a ridiculous conversation.

We can talk all day about the cost of freedom, but you’ll never convince me that it should or ever could be free or that the price we’ve paid, not only with this war but in every war that preceded it - isn’t worth it.

The problem is - we’re spoiled. Most of us grew up thinking we were untouchable and that we’ve somehow earned an undeniable respect, just by virtue of being America. After all, we’re the good guys, right? And now G.W. Bush is ruining everything with his “culture of corruption” (Hillary’s newest mantra).

It’s all pretty arrogant, really.

The truth is - our forefathers didn’t shed their blood so we could sit around like fat cats and ignore all that threatens to destroy their heritage. We have an obligation to continue the vigil as long as there is an America. Otherwise, there will be no land of the free or home of the brave.

I think Ann Coulter said it best when she said,

“Whether they are defending the Soviet Union or bleating for Saddam Hussein, liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of America's self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant”.

Can I get an Amen?


  • At 1:00 PM, February 11, 2006, Blogger The Aardvark said…

    “We should just give Iraq back to Saddam, at least he kept order there”

    I guess he made the camels run on time, too!

    The major issue, I believe, is not that we have "spread freedom" (read: democracy, the tyranny of the Loudest) but whether we should have done anything at all. We are There, and so I must be supportive of the Effort, but my question remains. Bin Ladin himself has said that it is US interventionism that has fomented the terror responses. Our Founders wisely warned us away from "foreign entanglements". It is argued that "such a doctrine is untenable in today's global village". I argue that it is global because we, the US, have made it so, both through technological advance and foreign involvement. PLEASE do not read this as "America is to blame for the world's ills". No, no, no. My point is that we are living in a world largely of our own design- and were I to point fingers, I would likely do so at the career diplomats and denizens of State, who transcend and bridge fleeting election cycles, and who quietly set the course of our Ship of State, regardless of the Stated Goals of the Incumbent.

    If you are coming from a Christian background- and I strongly suspect that you are- you likely recognise that true change must come from within, through the won hearts of believers, not from external regimes imposed.

    (Please note that I have not bashed our President, no, not even with a syllable!)


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