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Friday, March 07, 2008

Campaign Finance Reform - PI Mom Style

I am sick to death of hearing about how much money the candidates have raised and spent on their election campaigns. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a complete and utter waste of money and all of them should be ashamed of themselves.

We hear them all talking about campaign finance reform whenever they’re mad that someone else raised more money than they did – how about some good, old fashioned, REAL campaigning. How about a shoestring budget and some blood, sweat and tears?? How about spending campaign contributions on things that REALLY matter?? How about that, eh?

Here’s my proposal.

The NEW Rules of Campaigning:

  1. Candidates must choose the “platform of choice” that they consider to be the most important issue – you know, the one they promise to fix as soon as they’re finished redecorating the Lincoln Bedroom.

For the sake of an “example” – let’s use Hillary’s platform….Socialized….err, “Universal” Healthcare

  1. Candidates may accept as much or as little contributions as they see fit during campaign.
  2. $1,000 of campaign funds may be used to fund the campaign each month. The rest of the funds must be donated to the cause of their “platform of choice” – assuming the platform allows for the money to stay in the United States. If not – the money goes into a natural disaster fund that will be used to help rebuild AMERICAN cities after hurricanes, floods, fires, mudslides, etc.

For the sake of an example – how many uninsured people could receive healthcare for $138,048,905 (Hillary’s total receipts as of the end of January 08).

  1. Candidates must solicit free advertising from the media – which would eliminate the argument about which way each of the media outlets lean and force organizations like the New York Times to publicly choose a candidate.
  2. Candidates may work the talk-show circuit, but they may not be paid for their appearances.
  3. No television commercials may be aired, unless they are free.
  4. The monthly $1,000 may be spent in any way (except for television commercials), including billboards, yard signs, bumper stickers or picket signs, but those who acquire them must purchase them from campaign headquarters and the money goes back into the kitty for next month. People buy bumper stickers and yard signs for their favorite football teams and any other nonsense they litter their lawns with – why should these items be free?
  5. Neither the Democratic or Republican National Committee may pay any television network for advertising or for debate time. The networks can solicit sponsors. Coca Cola pays American Idol an insane amount of money just to place their cups on the judge’s table each week. The networks will get by on sponsorship!
  6. All campaign employees must be un-paid volunteers.
  7. Candidates must drive wherever they go. The Government can continue to provide cars and secret service (most of them would have it anyway, since they already work for the government), but if the candidate’s “platform of choice” has anything to do with the environment, the candidate must travel in a sub-compact hybrid.
  8. If the candidate works for the United States Government, they must take an official, un-paid leave of absence from their job. If I wanted to campaign for something, I would have to take off work without pay – why should we be paying them for a job they clearly are not performing while they campaign?
  9. And last, but certainly not least – candidates must spend at least 50% of their time knocking on doors and meeting the American public – you know, the very people they ask for votes from. This shouldn’t be a problem – they can just stop in the neighborhoods they’re driving through.

As of the end of January, the total money raised (according to CNN) by ALL candidates, from both sides (including the drop-outs) was $650,239,992.

How many neighborhoods in New Orleans do you suppose could have been rebuilt with 650 million dollars?


  • At 11:16 AM, April 30, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just found your site & even though you have expressed the quite sincere belief that you really don't give a hoot what I think, I think you are terrific & the world needs more sites like this!


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