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Saturday, October 22, 2005

He thought he was living in America

On October 11th I posted an article about a couple being represented by the ACLU because the Pennsylvania Children and Youth Services wanted to take their unborn baby away from them as soon as it was born. The father, Mr. DaiShin WolfHawk (the name he took after becoming an Indian chief), confessed to and served time for raping and sodomizing children.

Well, as all pregnancies do - this one has come to an end and a judge ordered that the baby be put into foster care. The ACLU says,

"I think they're sending the message that if you or any member of your family screws up, you can kiss your parental rights goodbye"

Getting angry and telling your boss to kiss your ars is screwing up. Getting drunk at the Christmas party and dancing with a lampshade on your head is screwing up. Hitting "yes" to an error message that deletes everything you just worked hours on is screwing up. And evidently, according to the ACLU, rape and sodomy has now been reduced to a mere screw-up. Something that the rest of us should just sweep under the rug as though it has never happened - after all....he JUST screwed up!

The father says,

"I thought I was living in America"

Guess what, are! As evidenced by the fact that you weren't stoned for hurting those little girls and you're already free to roam this earth and procreate. Just know that as long as you are...there will be people like ME who stand behind any organization whose mission is to protect innocent children and stand AGAINST the ACLU!


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