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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Charlotte Chooses Life...

I have a cousin - I’ll call her Stacy... Stacy was born with what most people would say was two strikes against her in a game with only three. Very early on, it was determined that Stacy had both heart and brain damage and while opinions varied as to the causes, one thing was sure – Stacy was a weak little girl with a lifetime of problems ahead of her.

The first of six children, Stacy was tiny and frail and it didn’t take a genius to look at her and determine that one bad infection could wipe out her little life. It was 1965 and her condition was such that many people might have considered institutionalizing her, rather than deal with the uphill battle her parents faced.

I can assure you that for Stacy’s parents, that was never an option.

Fast-forward nearly 40 years. On October 21, 2003, a little girl was born prematurely at a European hospital, weighing approximately 1 pound. Little Charlotte Wyatt was like most premies and had to be ventilated and the possibility existed that she may suffer long-term brain and vital organ damage due to her very difficult and early start in this world. Obviously a fighter, Charlotte managed to beat the odds and stay alive but during her 9th month, the hospital evidently grew tired of caring for her and decided they would not resuscitate her should her lungs collapse due to an infection. In an act that defies the modern Hippocratic Oath…

…But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God.

the doctors have chosen to play God.

Charlottes parents, refusing to give up, faced the hospital in Court in September of 2004 (when Charlotte was nearly a year old), expecting the Court to stand for what is right and honorable, only to be told that the Judge agreed with the doctors.

Without the chance of resuscitation, the world held their breath expecting the worst for baby Charlotte, only to learn that instead of growing worse, she became stronger. 6 months after the first ruling, Charlotte’s parents went back to Court to show the Judge that not only was Charlotte NOT deaf and blind as the doctors had instructed the Court, but she was growing stronger all the time, requiring 55% less oxygen than she had required only months before. In spite of strong evidence that proved the doctors wrong, the Judge refused to change his Order, but instructed Charlotte’s parents to gather more evidence and come back to Court.

On April 21, 2005, the Wyatt’s returned to Court. The Judge had made his original ruling based on information given to him by the doctors which indicated that Charlotte was blind, deaf, unresponsive and in constant pain. Charlotte’s parents brought forth strong evidence to the contrary, showing the Judge that she could see, hear, respond and smile. She was a sick little girl, yes, but the doctor’s previous observations that this child’s condition was “terrible and permanent” and that she had no quality of life and would be “better off dead” were being proven wrong by little Charlotte herself.

In a decision that stunned every reasonable-minded person who heard it, the Judge again refused to overturn his original Order, once again siding with the doctors who have determined baby Charlotte’s life is not worth fighting for.

Charlotte celebrated her 2nd birthday last October. A milestone that defied all that the doctors and judges have predicted for her. On that day, the Judge lifted his Order, allowing baby Charlotte a chance at life that she deserves. Happy Birthday Charlotte! Unfortunately, the joy of this decision was short-lived. Just a few short months later, Charlotte became ill with a viral infection and true to form, the hospital asked the Court to overturn its previous decision and allow them to let baby Charlotte die. The Judge has once again sided with the hospital.

As of yesterday, Charlotte’s prognosis was grim. She is currently on 65% oxygen and in the “care” of doctors and nurses who have chosen to and have been given permission to let her die, should the opportunity present itself. Charlotte needs prayer above all else.

This tiny life is a reminder to all of us that the liberal mind-set that life is not valuable is a threat to us all. Those who would say that a woman has the right to choose whether or not to give life to her unborn child would also say that a mother who chooses life does not have the right to keep her child alive once it’s born. Why am I surprised that they want it both ways?

Our justice system failed Terry Schindler. The justice system in England has failed little Charlotte Wyatt. It’s maddening that there is nothing we can do to intervene on Charlotte’s behalf, but those of us who believe there is a God in heaven who hears us and loves little Charlotte can continue to pray for her as she fights for her life.

For those of you who don’t believe this little baby deserves to be fought for, let me conclude this post by finishing my story about my cousin Stacy…

Stacy turned 40 last year. She graduated from high school, albeit a couple of years late. She may not be able to balance a checkbook, but she can do her own laundry, bake peanut butter cookies and she’ll tell you obscure facts about Elvis that even his biggest fans probably don’t know. She loves to swim and go to amusement parks. The “experts” might say she’s slow, but that’s only because they’ve never seen her quick wit when she picks on her father. Stacy is a beautiful, bright, vital part of my family and a joy to everyone who has ever met her.

In a world where we have supposedly come so far…learned so much…benefited from so much progress…why is it that in 1965 nobody dreamed of snuffing out Stacy’s life, but today, those who are in a position to protect and preserve life – are allowed to take it away.

Pray for Charlotte.

Visit Charlott's blog here

If you have a blog - please consider posting Charlotte's banner on your site. You can get the html code here.

Charlotte Wyatt -- Don't give up on me!

02/27/06 UPDATE! Charlotte's oxygen needs are down to 53% today! GO CHARLOTTE!
02/28/06 UPDATE! Charlotte's oxygen needs are down to 50% and she's growing stronger! Keep up the prayers!
03/01/06 UPDATE! 40% oxygen! Don't look back, baby girl! Charlotte's parents are going back to court to ask that the previous order to let their baby die be rescinded. They need our prayers.
03/22/06 UPDATE! Charlotte is stronger and stronger every day. Her parents are, once again, working to attempt to bring her home from the hospital. Check out her blog for new photos and keep sending prayers her way!


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