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Monday, February 13, 2006


There’s been much ado about a bunch of poopy-ka-ka and Vice President Cheney’s hunting accident. Since everyone else seems to have something to say about it – I’ve decided that you’re all entitled to my two cents.

I think this headline is the most maddening…

“Bush Knew Saturday About Hunting Accident”

Of course he knew! Vice President Cheney did everything any one of us would have done. He notified the emergency services workers. He notified the proper authorities. He went to the hospital with his friend and he even called his boss. What I would like to know is this – under what law was V.P. Cheney required to contact CNN?

You know, the MSM can blame themselves for this. If it weren’t so obviously open season on this administration and anyone associated with them, perhaps people would be more eager to give them a story.

So, my two cents is this…

Imagine, if you will, former President Bill Clinton on a hunting trip (I know it’s difficult to picture him pointing a gun at an animal – what with all the hugging of little squirrels and birdies that goes on at those democrap fund raisers). He’s out on the range with Al and Hill and someone gets hurt. Let’s say Hillary, since it’s so much fun to picture her covered in buck shot. So, what do you suppose they do once they’ve realized there’s been a hunting accident? Do you think the first plan of action, after calling the EMT’s, of course, is, “Hey! We better alert the media!” PA-LEEZ!

And one more thing…

It would be a different story altogether and most definitely news-worthy if the Vice President had hurt someone, oh say in a drunk driving accident, and failed to call the police…leaving that person to die. That wouldn’t be something that would get swept under the rug…or defended for years to come…or completely irrelevant to his political career – oh nosiree! That doesn’t happen in America (at least not to a Republican).


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