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Monday, May 28, 2007

Oh C'Mon!

Ok - lemme get this straight….

We have to put up with museums, public school curriculum, television, radio, books and crackpots whose theories slap the face of every Christian in this country - but let someone open a Creationism Museum and there are
fruit loops standing outside on opening day - picketing the visitors because they believe it ignores science...per Comcast News.

If you're going to be in Kentucky (or Cincinnati), support this place!

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In other nonsense....err news...


On April 21st, during a trip to Memphis, I predicted that the fat pig #2, Rosie O'Donnell was becoming such a liability to Barbara Walters that she would have to get her off that stupid show, The View. Less than a week later - she announced she would be leaving (of her own accord...yeah, right!). Then she kept running her flap and couldn't keep the job until her planned mid-June departure date.
Not that any of you actually KNEW I predicted it - and Lisa is the only one who can verify it - but I did. So, this is my "told-ya-so" on that subject. I don't get to say it often, so I'm taking advantage of this one. get fat pig #1, Michael Moore, to mysteriously disappear....hmmmm......

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Let's Just Copy & Paste Mexico's Immigration Policy

I like Allan Wall's take on the Mexican Immigration Policy. We could take a lesson or two from Mexico. What was the golden rule?? Do unto others.....

Check it out

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Give me a break

Just a few things that have tickled me today...

Carter says the Bush administration is the "the worst in history" in international relations.

That’s really weighty stuff coming from the worst President in history - relative to any subject or relations.

- - - - -

Danny Glover: Can’t we deport him for this???

- - - - -

And last, but certainly not least - considering the size of this big FAT PIG...
What happened to the IRS investigating the fat pig, Michael Moore, for unauthorized trips to Cuba related to financial gain?

His zombies are thanking him now and "sicko" is a very good description for all of them.

His latest aim is the US healthcare industry. That’s my back yard. It may be interesting to see what lies he’s come up with for this one. Then again, it may be more interesting to watch someone pull his toenails out.

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