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Friday, November 25, 2005

If you don't hear from me for a while...

Some news and a little nonsense

Ok, so President Bush is a liar. The military personnel currently fighting the war in Iraq are all liars. So perhaps the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hoshiyar Zebari, is lying as well when he practically begs Japan to keep their mere 550 ground troops in Iraq, for fear of more violence.

He says,

"Now, any premature withdrawal will send the wrong message to the terrorists, to the opposition ... that this coalition is fracturing and running, that their policies and strategies of undermining this process is winning."

Hold it! Did he say, “TERRORISTS”???? Surely it’s a misprint! After all, everyone knows that Iraq has nothing to do with terrorists! Nothing at all to do with 9/11 and Saddam most definitely had nothing to do with al-Qaeda. But there it is, in black and white – the Iraqi Foreign Minister saying a premature withdrawal will send the wrong message to terrorists. Hmmm….it’s amazing it ever made it to the MSM.

And for some more crap…

I mistakenly stumbled onto a blog the other day that had this cartoon on it…

Since it had all the charm and wit of a PETA ad, I couldn’t help but click on the photo, which took me to a website called, “Project For The Old American Century” (here's the link - be prepared to throw up in your mouth). There, I found statements like,

If you are presently serving in the military or in the Delayed Enlistment Program and beginning to rethink your participation, here are resources to help you.”

The site then gives “resources” where they say conscientious objectors may get out of the military… “and with benefits as well…”

So let me just get this straight…we’re talking about people who object to being in the military and serving their country – but they should be given benefits when they “legally” desert? That’s like saying I should continue to get corporate benefits if I walk off my job. Hmmm, starting to sound a little bit like welfare.

The website also makes statements such as,

“Let's face it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put the evidence together. They Let it happen. 9-11 was not only preventable, but allowed to happen.”

Amazing - really. You know what they say...A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

And the best statement of all – explaining the birth of this website,

“The Project was founded in 2002 in response to a rigged election, reduced civil liberties, a hijacking of our domestic and foreign policies by the energy/defense industries, and a compliant corporate media that refused to make these problems prominent in our national consciousness.”

(Emphasis mine). And yes, you read that right - they think the media is on the side of conservatives! HA!

How incredibly entertaining! With garbage like this – who needs amateur night at the Appolo? The only thing worth reading on this site was a gripe by John Dear which read,

“02/17/05 "CommonDreams" - - Last September, I spoke to some 2,000 students during their annual lecture at a Baptist college in Pennsylvania. After a short prayer service for peace centered on the Beatitudes, I took the stage and got right to the point. “Now let me get this straight,” I said. “Jesus says, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers,’ which means he does not say, ‘Blessed are the warmakers,’ which means, the warmakers are not blessed, which means warmakers are cursed, which means, if you want to follow the nonviolent Jesus you have to work for peace, which means, we all have to resist this horrific, evil war on the people of Iraq.”

With that, the place exploded, and 500 students stormed out. The rest of them then started chanting, “Bush! Bush! Bush!”

So much for my speech. Not to mention the Beatitudes.”

HA! Go PA!

And one more piece of worthless opinion…

There is nothing in this world. Nothing. Not even the best shoe sale in the history of civilized shoe shopping, that is worth getting up in the middle of the night on the day after Thanksgiving to shop for. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Grateful Heart

I stepped out on my front porch this evening to take in the sight of the first few snowflakes of the season as they floated to the ground. As much as I hate the snow, it’s always a pleasant sight, at least for a moment or two, to see the first snow. I noticed my flag had been blown up over it’s pole a time or two and walked over to straighten and smooth it and began to think about all I have to be thankful for. I looked up and down the street and was reminded that I am still the only person on my street who flies Old Glory 365 days a year.

I truly hope, I thought, that all of these people…nestled into their warm little homes with the television on…perhaps baking their thanksgiving pies…are considering how grateful we should all be for the sacrifices being made for us…each of us…every single day, by people who don’t know us…will never know us.

I am able to bake my pies, sit with my family, watch television and complain about the MSM. I am able to get into my car and drive it anywhere I choose. I am able to work 14 hours a day or decide to play hookie from a job that I choose for myself. I am able to take vacations with my family…dine out…surf the Internet or sit and do nothing. I can do any and all of those things because people have sacrificed for me. I don’t have to live in fear that a vicious dictator may have his thugs storm into my home and steal my daughters. I don’t have to work a job that is assigned to me by the government or stand in line for crumbs of food to feed my children. I don’t have to ask permission if I should choose to get into my car tomorrow and cross state lines to visit friends or family for the holidays. And I can do all of these things, not because I have earned them…not because I have purchased those rights...because those rights…those privileges were purchased for me and continue to be bought and paid for by those who have sacrificed their lives for my freedom.

With all the complaining we do and we hear every single day – let’s be thankful that we live in freedom – the kind of freedom that allows us to complain about stupid, meaningless things. We are so blessed that most of us have little more to complain about than the long lines at the grocery store or how stupid someone acted at work today. We have
it so good…SO GOOD. And the reason we have it good is because we live in the greatest nation on earth. Freedom isn’t free, folks. Never forget that.

Over the next few days while we are all supposed to be counting our blessings…do yourself a favor and remember those who are providing that freedom for you. Thank God for them. Thank God for their sacrifices. And if you are fortunate enough to be near a serviceman or veteran during this holiday, thank them personally. For those men and women who are unable to sit around the table with their families this weekend – send a prayer up for their safety as they fight to protect all those freedoms we take for granted.

Thank you, God, for the freedoms I am blessed with and bless, oh Lord, those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for me.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

re·spect: v. - To avoid violation of or interference with.

When I see people like former CIA chief, Stansfield Turner, lashing out at the current Administration (link) on foreign soil, it makes me furious. Besides the obvious results this can have on our troops and our already soiled reputation, it makes no earthly common sense to me that after September 11th, any red-blooded American would be opposed to the protection of this great nation.

When I was a child, my parents instilled in me a healthy fear of things that could hurt me. While many of today’s psychologists would label my parents’ unconventional ways of teaching these lessons as “abuse”, one thing is certain – I grew to respect, without hating, the things that could hurt me.

For instance, when we lived near a busy road, my parents allowed us to see the gruesome remains of an animal that had been run over by a car and told us, “If you go into the road, this will happen to you and you will never see mommy or daddy again”. In fact, many of the admonishments were followed by, “….and you’ll never see mommy and daddy again”. Did they scare us into submission? I guess so, but I’m positive I didn’t carry any emotional scars into adulthood.

I’m a firm believer that common sense is both a natural and a learned trait. Some things are instinctive, at least for most of us, and some things have to be embedded through life lessons. When you meet a person who presents with no apparent common sense, you’ll most likely find they have parents who have little or no common sense. There are a few exceptions, of course. Some people are just flakes by their very nature.

I also had a healthy fear of my parents themselves. They never had to brutalize me for me to believe that they might if I did not tow the line. Threats like, “I’ll knock you into next week” made me think twice before I did something foolish. My parents didn’t physically abuse me by the standards of that era. Today my mother might get arrested for giving me a “whooping” with a wooden spoon, regardless of whether I had it coming. At that time, however, I wasn’t being disciplined in any way that set me apart from the other children of the 70’s. I have no emotional scars or life long hang-ups as a result of the healthy fears my parents instilled in me. I believe, beyond a doubt, that some fears are necessary to keep us safe and to create order.

Imagine the ocean and all it’s grandeur. Every time I visit the ocean I feel like I’ve had a spiritual cleansing. There is nothing in my life that can take the place of what the ocean does for my mind and my spirit. I absolutely adore the ocean, as do my children. However, without a respect (a healthy fear) for the command of the tide, a person could find his/herself at the mercy of a fierce torrent that could take their life. Most people would not disagree that a healthy fear of the strength of the ocean’s waters is necessary if you want to be safe.

A few years back while chaperoning a school dance, I found myself breaking up a small scuffle between two teenaged boys. When one of them got a little mouthy, I made the statement, “don’t push your luck with me, pal”. I will never forget the boy’s response. He looked me square in the eyes and said, “Why? You can’t do ANYTHING to me. If you do, you’ll be arrested. The school can’t do anything and neither can you!” And he was right. I couldn’t do anything to the boy. The school couldn’t do anything to the boy.

We’ve coddled our youth and called it freedom. We’ve masked bad behavior and called it freedom of expression. We’ve ignored a lack of human decency and called it tolerance. We’ve cast out morality and accepted immoral behavior as the norm. We’ve given up our own right to protect ourselves in the name of protecting others’ “rights”. We’ve branded servitude as a bad thing and embraced “if it feels good, do it” as an ideal. We’ve done all of these things in the name of freedom and as a result, not only do our own up and coming generations have no respect for authority or a healthy sense of fear that keeps them in check, but our enemies abroad have learned that there is a rising up within this nation that will ultimately tie the hands of this government from protecting our own people.

There are a number of reasons why I have a real problem with those who have gone on a campaign to show the rest of the world that we will embrace any and all behavior and we will call it the American way.

First, there will never…and let’s be honest with ourselves….N.E.V.E.R. be world peace. We may be at peace with some, but we will never be at peace with the entire world.

Second, implying that the way to peace is to leave people alone and let them live as they choose, is like saying the way to help a drug addict is to let them continue to use – OR – imagine being mugged by a man with a gun…if you said, “Hey buddy! No need to point the gun at me – I’ll give you anything you want! Here’s my wallet, would you like to go to the bank? Because I could withdraw some extra cash for you! How about taking my wife! She’s a great cook!”…how long do you think it would take before he was back to mug you again?

Now, take those same COMMON SENSE principals as they relate to dealing with terrorists. Do you think tolerating a violent, blood-thirsty religious group whose primary objective is to cleanse the world of American filth (you and I) is going to bring peace to the world? Is a healthy fear of the greatest nation on earth such a bad thing if it keeps us safe and restores order?

For the record, putting underwear on a terrorist’s head is not torture. I’ve seen worse pranks pulled off by high school boys after a football game. And as for their Koran…I’ll worry about what happens to it when Muslims start caring about my Bible. Meanwhile, what will deter a terrorist who has no healthy fear that, if captured, the enemy may “torture” him/her until they get the information they need to protect their country? There isn’t much that deters them as it is, but at the very least, if we get our hands on them, tying our hands to prevent hurt feelings only puts our nation at more risk. It’s like the boy at the high school dance. “You can’t do anything to me!”

Dennis Miller (who used to disgust me before he left the dark side) said it well when he said, “Just as necessary as compassion for the weak, is measured respect for the strong.” I’m not talking about being the “Big Bad West”, but suggesting we don’t have the right to command a measure of respect that is in keeping with our right to protect ourselves is just foolish.

I’ve said it in previous posts and I’ll say it again – the day is coming when this nation will once again be brought to her knees and this time, those to blame will not be responsible because they fell asleep at the wheel. They’ll be responsible because they left the door to the henhouse open and sprinkled a trail of Scooby snacks from the outside – in.

God bless this beautiful nation.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hot off the press folks!!!!!

If you don't read anything else this week - read A.M. Siriano's

How Liberalism Abetted the Crimes of Bill Clinton
An interview with Candice E. Jackson, author of Their Lives:
The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine

I'm working 14 hour days. I haven't eaten, I have slept and I haven't had time to post anything of my own, but this was well worth taking the time to read.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Check this out too...

Liberals are Unpatriotic

Thanks, Froggy, for this candid post.


Read A.M. Siriano's The Fighters

Does He Ever Shut Up?

Pat Robertson is at it again with another radical statement implying he knows what God is going to do next. The Dover, Pennsylvania citizens have voted out all standing members of their school board - remember these were the folks who were in favor of introducing ID into the science curriculum.

In a recent statement, Robertson told the people of Dover, Pennsylvania not to call on God when the "problems begin" because He may not be there to help them, since they've rejected Him by voting out the school board.

Robertson needs to get a clue and start acting like a Pastor instead of the moron that he is. If what he implies is true - then everything we know about Christianity and the entire New Testament is false. Jesus broke bread with the heathen and let a hooker wash his feet. He doesn't turn His back on those who reject Him.

And just so we're clear...
  • Do I believe in ID? Of course I do (although I prefer to call it Creationism).
  • Do I believe that our kids have a right to hear both sides in the classroom? Yes, I do.
  • Is it imperative that my children hear it in school? No, because they learn it at home.
  • Is it the school's job to teach my children where they came from? No.
  • Am I aggravated whenever I hear someone say that introducing ID into the public classroom takes the science out of science class? Yes - because it's just another ploy by the liberal left/anti-Christianity/anti-family idiots to say that it's their way or no way.

But what's worse than any of the above - is that Robertson claims to represent a vengeful, menacing God who is full of wrath and he calls it Christianity.

That's just not the God I serve.

Previous posts about Robertson:
A Pastor's Heart or The Heart of a Piper

Ask me if I care...

This has been circulated around the net for a few months now. Contrary to what most of the e-mails say, this was actually written by a guy by the name of Doug Patton and published by GOPUSA in June of this year. If you've read it before - it's worth reading again. I couldn't have said it better myself and lately, I'd like to stand on the top of the tallest building in town and shout this to the extreme, unpatriotic moonbats and idiotarians who can't seem to keep their faces out from in front of the cameras for five minutes.

The article in part says this...

Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning death that day, or didn't they?

And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet? Well, I don't. I don't care at all.

I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11.

I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere possession of which is a crime in Saudi Arabia.

I'll care when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi tells the world he is sorry for hacking off Nick Berg's head while Berg screamed through his gurgling, slashed throat.

I'll care when the cowardly so-called "insurgents" in Iraq come out and fight like men instead of disrespecting their own religion by hiding in mosques.

I'll care when the mindless zealots who blow themselves up in search of nirvana care about the innocent children within range of their suicide bombs.

I'll care when the American media stops pretending that their First Amendment liberties are somehow derived from international law instead of the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights.

I'll care when Clinton-appointed judges stop ordering my government to release photos of the abuses at Abu Ghraib, which are sure to set off the Islamic extremists just as Newsweek's lies did a few weeks ago.

In the meantime, when I hear a story about a brave marine roughing up an Iraqi terrorist to obtain information, know this: I don't care.

When I see a fuzzy photo of a pile of naked Iraqi prisoners who have been humiliated in what amounts to a college hazing incident, rest assured that I don't care.

When I see a wounded terrorist get shot in the head when he is told not to move because he might be booby-trapped, you can take it to the bank that I don't care.

When I hear that a prisoner, who was issued a Koran paid for by my tax dollars, is complaining that his holy book is being "mishandled," you can absolutely believe in your heart of hearts that I don't care.

And oh, by the way, I've noticed that sometimes it's spelled "Koran" and other times "Quran." Well, Jimmy Crack Corn and -- you guessed it -- I don't care!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

USMC 230th Birthday Salute!

For 230 years, November 10 has marked the birthday of The United States Marine Corps. It is my honor and privilege to salute the United States Marines and thank them for what they stand for and what they do every day...for me, my family and my country.

God Bless the U.S. Marines

God Bless this Beautiful Country!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Soft On Terrorism - Hard On Those Who Want To Do The Right Thing!

Being tough on terrorists doesn’t make you popular – and not just in the U.S. Those who are tired of the backlash our President has endured for the past few years should consider that he isn’t the only leader whose credibility is coming under attack because he wants to put a stop to terrorism. Read here how Tony Blair’s own party is blocking his efforts to get a handle on terrorist activities in his country. Then, after completely bailing on him – they are suggesting he should resign because he’s not getting the votes he should be getting on his proposed measures. Unbelievable!

It won’t be long and the liberal left will be saying, “Why didn’t we do more? Where were the law makers??” As Neo would say - “wait for it….wait for it!”

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The kind of week I've had...

Sorry I haven't posted much lately - but my last week and a half has been more than a little like this...

National Dunce Day!

Today is National Dunce Day – no seriously, it is! Even though I'm pretty sure it's Dunce Day every day at my office! But don’t worry if you’ve only just found out. There are plenty of other great holidays to celebrate later this month. For instance, I’m pretty upset that I missed out on Deviled Egg Day, but I have big plans for National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day, which is just next week on November 12th and November 21st should be fun – it’s False Confessions Day! But my favorite has to be the 22nd – Start Your Own Country Day! Now, that’s a day I can sink my teeth into! Anyone wishing to sign up to be considered as a citizen of my new country (of which I will be the Empress, of course) is welcome to send a complete CV, credit & criminal histories (and don’t you dare leave out any of the good stuff!) and, of course, a copy of your voter registration card via e-mail.

For those of you who need another reason to celebrate – here is a complete listing of holidays this month.

November 1 is . . . . . Plan Your Epitaph Day
November 2 is . . . . . National Deviled Egg Day
November 3 is . . . . . Sandwich Day and Housewife's Day
November 4 is . . . . . Waiting For The Barbarians Day
November 5 is . . . . . Gunpowder Day
November 6 is . . . . . Saxophone Day and Marooned Without A Compass Day
November 7 is . . . . . National Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day
November 8 is . . . . . Dunce Day
November 9 is . . . . . Chaos Never Dies Day
November 10 is . . . . Forget-Me-Not Day
November 11 is . . . . Air Day
November 12 is . . . . National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day
November 13 is . . . . National Indian Pudding Day
November 14 is . . . . Operation Room Nurse Day
November 15 is . . . . National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
November 16 is . . . . Button Day
November 17 is . . . . Take A Hike Day
November 18 is . . . . Occult Day
November 19 is . . . . Have A Bad Day Day
November 20 is . . . . Absurdity Day
November 21 is . . . . World Hello Day and False Confessions Day
November 22 is . . . . Start Your Own Country Day
November 23 is . . . . National Cashew Day
November 24 is . . . . Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day & Thanksgiving Day
November 25 is . . . . National Parfait Day (I thought that was every day!)
November 26 is . . . . Shopping Reminder Day (we needed a day to remember to shop?)
November 27 is . . . . Pins And Needles Day
November 28 is . . . . Make Your Own Head Day (can’t wait for this one!)
November 29 is . . . . Square Dance Day
November 30 is . . . . Stay At Home Because You're Well Day

Stupid News Of The Day

Three youths, two Bosnians and a Croatian, died while playing catch with a hand grenade as reported by Reuters (link). The article says,

“Bosnia is awash with illegal weapons left over from the 1992-95 war and tragic incidents are frequent despite several successful campaigns by international peacekeepers and police to get people to hand over illegal weapons.”

Successful campaigns…..ya think???

Friday, November 04, 2005

PETA President Sells Herself on Ebay

Hunting season has begun in Pennsylvania and I suspect there are more than a few "great white hunters" out there who could use a hand dragging their buck out of the woods. Then, when they're finished with that - maybe they could do some cow tipping down by the creek, just before catching a fish or two (or maybe a little bunny rabbit) for dinner.

Yes, folks - as if life weren't strange enough, PETA's president and founder, Ingrid Newkirk, is selling herself on Ebay as "personal assistant for a day". Last I checked, the bid had reached its reserve price, was at $8,100.00 and had about 6 days left.

So there's still time to get in on this, folks.

$5 says she sues the person who wins her for what ever strange and hilarious things they make her do.

UPDATE - 12 hours later the bid is up to $10,100.00

UPDATE...UPDATE - only a little over a day left and the bid is $14,100.00

UPDATE...UPDATE...UPDATE - with a little under 12 hours left, the high bid is at $30,200! The high bidder on this one is the same bidder who was winning at $14,100 - me thinks this could be good!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Latest in Liberal Racism

Take a moment to read AM Siriano's recent post Stop! Hammer-Time

And because I know you care enough to send the very best....take a moment to complete his online form to send a message to these pigs.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Check out Neo's latest post

Nice post on Ne0-Con Tastic's site entitled MSM v. USA Check it out.
I'm super busy with work and too pooped to post. Thanks, NEO, for putting something worthwhile up and letting me copy and paste :O)

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